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Ohayo~ [Jun. 1st, 2005|09:16 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Dir en grey - Mr Newsman]

Just now, a very loud bell startled me in the middle of my dreams and I leaped out of bed, knowing it was the postman. I couldnt miss this post, I've been waiting for long for my many posts to arrive.

I took a short glimpse into the mirror, swept my messy hair behind and forced myself to smile.I clicked on the key button for the guy to open the main glass door downstairs. By the time I opened the door and slipped on some footwear, the post was almost reaching my level.

Certainly he was as strong as a bull, to be able to run up four and a half floors in such speed. Mr Postman was dressed in grey summer uniform made up of polo tee and bermudas, with socks and expensive trackshoes. I was a little disappointed but relieved, that he was not the usual postman in charge of this neighbourhood. The usual young handsome guy turned out to be a friendly man in his early forties.

Mr Postman greeted me 'Guten Morgen' with a smile on his face, he had in his hands the papers ready for me to sign, held on a leather writing board. He drew out an expensive pen and showed me where I needed to sign. I returned him the things and he handed me my mail.

Here I have now with me, my Charmmy Kitty keitai strap. My eyes are tired, but I'm unable to return to sleep.
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Bear attack in Zurich [May. 27th, 2005|05:09 pm]
[mood |uncomfortableuncomfortable]
[music |X Japan - Art of Life]

As usual I go to town every friday for my weekly shopping trip. This year, Zurich has again put up art pieces along their busiest and most expensive street. This year, bears are the theme for the exhibition.

The reputable stores or companies along Bahnhofstrasse are given Bear sculptures to paint or design which the completed works are then displayed outside the store/company. I suppose they win prizes for the best design, but of course the design of the Bear has to bear the characteristics of the brand the company carries.

A couple of years ago, a same event was held and for that year and the sculptures were Cows which were made exactly life sized. Bvlgari had their cow painted all blue and had a signature Bvlgari ring hung around it's neck. After the event ended, all the cows were sold for charity. Most of the cows were bought by a certain museum in Chicago.

This year there no life size bears, but rather Teddy bear forms. Although it is an interesting event and an opportunity to experience Art in European culture, I must admit that a great number of the designs were rather disappointing. For example, Mcdonald's painted their bear to look like Ronald Mcdonald. Yes, it bears their trademark but it lacks creativity. Furthermore, it was badly vandalised. The person who did the deed probably disliked the sculpture as much as I do.

Lindt the chocolate brand, has three sculptures to represent them. One entirely in gold wearing a red ribbon with bell around its neck to, exactly like their trademark Easter bunny chocolate in gold foil. Another was made into a Chocolate Chef Bear, dressed like a Chef posing as if its making fresh chocolate.

My mother exceptionally showed favour towards the SIA bear. I've not personally seen it, in fact I've not seen all the Bears because I gave up halfway due to the unbearable heat. She claim's that it's one of the nicest of all the bears. It's painted in skyblue with white clouds. It's not a bad idea or probably she showed favour just because it's Singapore Airlines. I look forward to catch a glimpse of that bear when the weather calms down.
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I LOVE LIFE~!!! [May. 25th, 2005|11:17 pm]
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |Dir en grey - Mr Newsman]

Good news! Diru will be having Live in Paris so afterall, I wont be missing the Live!
I'm so happy because, it's my dream to go to Paris. Thank God!
Ureshii~ Ureshii~ Ureshii~

I'm so happy I'm lost for words. Since the live is on 24/7, and MUCC's Live is on 7/8, I think I will be giving MUCC a miss. I'm so happy, that I'll see Direngrey! I'm not going to procrastinate nor do things at the last minute this time! I definitely must and will go!

The world is beautiful. Life is beautiful.
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Oh my Goodness [May. 24th, 2005|11:39 pm]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Gazette - reila]

Tara is leaving Panic Channel, I'm upset about it, but it seems like its best for him. Neko's really upset, I hope she cheers up soon and be able to catch Panic one man Live. The reason he's leaving is due to his hearing problem, it seems like he's not recovering but not much is known about it. I hope he recovers completely and soon so that he might be part of Panic again, or at least be in a band.

For some reason, I feel like Panic is like a family now, but without Tara, its no longer the same. Yes, hes my favourite member among them. The cute face, asymmetrical fringe, VW acessories, that was my first and lasting impression of him.

Neko worries about never being able to see him again. I hope he'll still appear on KERA street snaps or some webby, I hope to hear news of him. However, it is best for him to recuperate and of course I'll give him my best wishes.

Unhappy events seem to come altogether. I thought I would never make it to Diru's live without a ticket. Now Maya tells me that she's got an extra ticket. I spent the money for the trip, thinking that I wont be going. Argh!

My closest friends arent around when I need someone to talk to. But again, we sort of drifted and I reckon that they dont understand me as before. Have they changed? Or is it me? Leaving SG has costed me a lot of friends. I dont know if they'll still remember me when I return this year.

Yeah friends come and friends go. Where are those who went around calling me Rocku-chan? I miss them but they've probably forgotten me and found new companionship while I'm still stuck here, all alone by myself.

Rekin, I hope ur having fun, please come back soon ne~
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Ureshii [May. 21st, 2005|12:42 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |That fifth song in Withering to death]

Spent a quiet afternoon at home today with my okachan. Since my brother went to watch Star Wars Episode 3 today with his friend, I could do my stuff without any distraction and okachan could take a short nap.

More kaimono! I was browsing through Kera and they always recommend and use products from the cosmetic brand "Majolica Majorca" by Shiseido. Again I saw the big advertisement on Zipper. For months I've been wanting to get their products but since it's only sold in Japan, I have to wait for Neko-chan to go there and get it. I must have it because its got nice and cute package, and cool colours and its a very popular brand in Japan, and a rival of Anna Sui.

I found some of their products at Yahoo Auctions HK and went happily bidding for those items. I want to own every shade of lip gloss and eyeshadows in almost every colour they have. Not to mention they pretty gold foundation casing. I Love Shopping! I Love Life! Well, kaimono just makes me happy, thats also what which makes me love life lol~

I coloured my hair into 'Chocolate brown'. I'm happy with the cos I was stuck with blonde for a long time. Now I really look like the oshare style hair models on Cutie and Zipper, but it wont last long. Since I've got bleached hair and I used a semi permanent dye, the colour wont stay for long. I guess it'll be out in a week or two. I can't afford to use permanent dyes due to that great damage I did to my precious hair last year when I was back in SG. Bleaching, colouring, perming and rebonding in 2 weeks - how crazy can I get?

Well actually, it's all that hairdresser's fault. I wanted blonde hair (well I already had blonde hair then, I just needed to touch up the roots) and that stupid guy refused to give me blonde hair and made me go for some brown shade (tobacco brown- is the name, but has a green ash tone). Being the usual me I insisted that I did not want a brown tone as brown is common and boring. So that smart alek suggested that I 'play' with colour on my fringe. Since I was ready to experiment with new colours, I went ahead with the idea, cos if all else fails, they'll do a free recovery.

I ended up with bright green n yellow patches on my fringe and a dark greenish brown mane. I became a laughing stock on the streets. For the next couple of days, I had to pin every part of the highlight colours (which I called them nylons trings) to the back of my hair. It looked like sea weed hanging on nylon strings. I had to bear the insults of a very rude and ugly man while walking past Funan Center. Should I ever see him again, I'll curse him that he'll be bald forever!!!

A couple of days later, I returned to the salon for the free recovery. This time, I was under the care of a professional colourist and he gave me my blonde locks, YaY. Of course, there was bleaching involved.
More than a week later, I decided to go for a real perm, inspired by Vivi mag.

During that couple of weeks I had my hair styled into curls with curling iron at a neighbourhood salon. People commented that I looked great in blonde curls and there were people who said I looked like a Barbie doll (as in Vivi mag). Even the sales girl at 77th street said so and asked if she could gently touch the texture. I bought a magnetic earing but dropped the back of the earring and she gave me a replacement for free lol.

I was confident about looking great with blonde curls and decided to get it done for real, afterall I wont get to visit a salon for a year. On my last visit at the neighbourhood salon, I asked the obasan how much she would charge me for a perm and what are the difference of the perms (ceramic perm etc) which I see from promotional flyers on the streets. She replied that my hair was unsuitable for perming as it was bleached and too dry which will not be able to be curled but will remain straight.

I did not believe her and called my usual hair stylist for an appointment. I asked her over the phone if it was possible forbleached hair to be permed, she said that her salon is a professional salon and has special chemicals for perming bleached hair. I went ahead with the idea. The next day after the perm, I ended up with dread locks.

I couldnt believe it and was really disappointed and angry. It looked really ugly, worse than that seaweed on nylon strings disaster. I could not bear to step out of the house, and when I did, I bumped into people who know me - of all times!

So I called up and demanded a solution from her. We fixed an appointment and once I sat on that chair, she glanced at my dread locks for a second and said "Rebond lor"!!! What the hell? I have naturally straight hair and shes there telling me to rebond? But I didnt have another choice anyway, but to further damage my precious locks. After the disaster I drowned my hair with all kinds of treatment and conditioning products from Wella to Tigi. Still my poor locks do not seem to be revived.
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2005|12:51 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Dir en grey -saku-]

It's friday and I hate weekends here, there's nothing to do and nowhere to go. Weekends are always the time to do chores n getting annoyed by people at home.

I spent the morning grooming my brows and discovered that my lashes have grown thicker and longer, something which makes me happy. Surfed around random sites while waiting for someone to come online to send me a file.I'm trying to look for people who have a Diru ticket which they want to sell. I'll have to go out later to check travel prices at the travel agent, in case I am able to make get a Live ticket.

Summer is coming, the weather is nice today. Loads of people bring their convertibles out for a drive during summer days. When I was in SG, I really looked forward to owning a BMW convertible. In Europe, convertibles are so common that I've become tired of seeing them on the streets everywhere. Yes, one just went past my window.

I'm not over the "BAG" dilemma. Although I've decided to get that h.Naoto crown bag and I'm waiting for the Beams boy seller to reply, I've got a sudden thought to get something from Comme des Garcons. An ordinary black tote from yahoo auctions would cost me at least 600HKD. I shall put this bag 'thought' away for now, to concentrate on thinking if I'm going to make it to Diru's Live.

I think I should make a trip back to HK this year. Last week Rekin mentioned about going on a short trip to HK in summer but its unlikely for me to make it during that period. I get points for flying back to SG from here which will entitle me a ticket to HK. If I were to go with her, I would have to get a package from SG instead. On second thoughts, I should get a package anyway, I dont want to stay with my aunt and cousins - HK apartments are very tiny. My horoscope forecast for this year mentioned about lots of travelling, I hope I get to travel more.

Mum said during the summer holidays we should go to London to look for my cousin, because my brother's english lessons at school does not profit him. She thinks that going to London will help him pick up further English knowledge. Everytime he does his English homework, I laugh hysterically because at Secondary 1, the english they teach seems like Pri 1 English in SG. Somehow I feel sorry for him, at 14 he should be at Sec 2 since the beginning of the year, but school terms in Swiss starts at mid-August.

My brother is into JRock now and I'm happy. Although he's not a crazy fan like me, I'm happy that we share the same music taste. Thank God I don't have a brother who listens to crappy techno and behaves like an 'ah beng'. It must have been the GLAY songs I fed him since young, his favourite members were Teru and Jiro. Now he listens to Diru, XJapan, L'arc and likes random songs from random indies bands, and expressed interest in cosplaying Itachi Uchiha.

I need to go out later, I'm the one who does grocery shopping in this house. While in the city, I shall take the chance to shop around. Just hope that I wont spend more money.
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Doushite? [May. 19th, 2005|10:23 pm]
[mood |frustratedfrustrated]
[music |Dir en grey - C]

I blame myself for being me - always procrastinating and doing things at the last minute. Now I've got my bitter dessert.

For the past month, I've been procrastinating about going to Berlin for Dir en grey's live. All my dear friends have been telling me "Go! It's not everyday Diru goes to Berlin!" Thoughout this month, I've squandered my money elsewhere, telling myself it's ok not to go, because going to Diru's live in Japan rocks harder. Furthermore, Neko-chan is going to Tokyo next month, I should save the money to buy stuff from there. And I have no company to Berlin.

This morning while walking down the stairs to pick up the laundry, I asked myself again "Should I go or not?" Live is 9 days later. Yes, it's a rare chance to see Diru, especially out of Japan. How many asians will actually be there at the Live?

Shortly after, I got my answer. Moments after panting from that 5 storey stair climbing carrying that huge pile of laundry, MSN popped a message saying that I received an email from NeoTokyo, with subject: "Dir en grey Live News and MUCC Live news"

I was excited, thinking that NeoTokyo managed to pull another of those Autograph sessions. But NO!!! Dir en grey's Live tickets are SOLD OUT!!! Despite the consolation news at the bottom announcing MUCC's gig on the 7th of August, I was devastated.

I didnt expect such a reaction, for all along I didn't take it seriously. I thought I didn't mind not going. But now, here I am - lost, confused, angry and frustrated. Yes being angry with myself is an uncommon thing for every close friend of mine knows how much I adore myself and love myself to bits.

I spent the rest of the evening looking for a cheap transport to Berlin and contacting people to see if they've got friends who can't make it and are going to sell their ticket. Usually at such times it's not unusual to see that whatever help you need, is not avaliable. No coach rides to Berlin, none of European contacts online. This sucks.

To make matters worse, I told my brother about it and he doesn't seem to believe me. He even said that he wants to go! What am I gonna do now? Help me God~
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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2005|11:36 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |Dir en grey - saku]

I spent quite alot of time today at online stores and auctions, I just cant stop can I? There are so many things I want to buy.

Just Beams Boy tote bags alone, there are 3 designs which I want. Not to mention the h.Naoto BLOOD one which I really must have. Also there's this handbag from Emily Temple Cute which I wanted to bid yesterday just because I couldnt get the one I really liked and wanted.

I just wasted money on random small things like socks, bracelet and handphone chains which total amount can get me any of the above bags already. I still have to pay for some whitening skin care products.

Help me God~! There are loads of stuff which I want to buy...

Also, today I took some random pictures of stuff around my room. enjoy~
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UV Alert [May. 17th, 2005|02:36 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Lucy - ROCKAROLLICA]

Another day for home shopping, music stealing and blabbling like a chatterbox. Love life!!!

But it seems the Shoppaholic Goddess doesnt seem to be shining on me, there was nothing to buy(><")
Well its not theres nothing to buy, but rather not many things which caught my eye and those which did, were either sold out or not avaliable. How come almost every item at MILK is sold out?

There was something which particularly caught my eye was this pair of gold pumps from IrregularChoice. Well apparently there were only sized 36 and 37 avaliable. Argh, initially I was looking for a pair of black pumps which I ended up having my eyes set on silver pumps instead. I seriously cannot buy anymore silver pumps because I've got at least 3 other pairs of silver pumps. I really look forward to owning a pair of that gold pumps.

I was talking to Neko-chan on msn and suddenly she told me that there was a program showing on TV about skin whitening. They invited this professional to talk about skin whitening and the sun blah blah blah...
The guy talks about whitening creams giving not enough coverage and even using an umbrella might not help. Man, all that SPF coverage is not enough?

Then he goes on saying that even being indoors, one can get tanned from the sun shining through the window. At this point, I reached out my hands to draw the curtains. Sitting right next to the window seems to have a disadvantage, I should think of a place to move my table away...
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(no subject) [May. 16th, 2005|11:40 pm]
[mood |distresseddistressed]
[music |Panic Channel - Magical Dreamer]

Last night, I saw us in our dreams.
Doing the things we used to do
Living life the way it should have been.
Just the way we used to be, all of us three.
Today, all these remain, within my dreams.
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